Arpasauro is a new musical instrument,
inspired by harp and organ,
created by Japanese artist Toko Okuda,
with Ignasi Calonge and Esteban Lahoz.



Composed by 26 strings in the equilateral triangle metal frame. One side of the triangle is curved to sustain against the high tension of strings. Each string has a sound box which is a brass tube, and longitude of the tube is calculated to have the same frequency with each string when the air vibes inside of the tube. The longest tube is 8.7m that sounds C0: Do about 19hz, which is said, the frequency that human eye balls resonate. And therefore you can have a phenomenon that you could see a ghost on your eyes.
Dimensions: Width: 3,6 m / Height: 3,5 m / Length: 9 m

Designed by Toko Okuda,

and built in collaboration with Fugrup, QualityMetalInox, Felip Majó i Aixalà. L’ull cec, experimental sound laboratory and coordinator of interactive sound events from Barcelona, gave useful informations and advices for the technical design. Toko received professional advices also from Parts Piano, an independent piano maker from Barcelona, and from the master of Octobass (the giant contrabass originally designed in the 19th century), Nicola Moneta among. Toko collaborated with experimental music group Za! to investigate the various forms of playing it, hand, drum sticks, violin bow, or rosin.

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call for composer

An instrument to discover
If you are a musician, interested to compose a song with Arpasauro, please contact us.
Si eres musico, ponte en contacto con nosotros y ven a componer una canción!



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Special Thanks

Such a project wouldn't exist without the help and contribution of numerous actors.

Fabra i Coats, Nau Côclea, Weingut Balthasar Ress, Restaurante PUNX, Nina Armangué Braun, Za!, Jordi Rallo, Herberto de Miranda, Amador Camargo, Andrea Juzga, Mon Alos Perez Arza, Paula García, Tomomi Tamagawa, Kei Minoura, Boris Dulon, Héctor Zercowitz, Luis Camargo, Santi Cholbi, Gilles Teixeira, La mosca de la tele, Isabel Rivero, Kanako Okuda, Anna Herreros, Ignasi Calonge and Mabel Martinez.